Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anabolic Addiction: T-Alpha/Mass Addiction

I was excited to run this stack by Anabolic Addictions. I've read up on the stack and came across mostly positive reviews. T-Alpha is supposed to help support stamina, endurance and growth. It also mentions that there will be an increase in testosterone, strength, focus, and vascularity. When I read forums of users who ran T-Alpha, they felt the effects during every workout. They felt the intensity of their workouts increase. I was stoked to start it. But as I went from workout to workout I wasn't feeling the same effects as others reported. I took the capsules as prescribed, 1 hour before workout, and it wasn't happening for me. I tried it on an empty stomach, tried taking it before my workouts (because maybe the blend is absorbing in to me faster). During some workouts, maybe I did feel a extra boost of energy but I was unsure.

Then the Mass Addiction combo promised to increase protein synthesis and testosterone. It is supposed to aid in "rebuilding muscle fibers torn during intense workouts more rapidly, so you can get ready for your next muscle blasting session." Mass Addiction is promised to DOMINATE YOUR GENETICS. My opinion on this supplement is different from T-Alpha. While on Mass Addiction, my DOMS wasn't so bad. I was eating bunch of food to help out with replenishing my body, and I think that Mass Addiction aided in my recovery, and building some muscle. I was told I was looking bigger and fuller. I didn't notice
much, but for people who see me everyday were noticing something.
My overall feeling for this stack is a 5 out of 10. Mass Addiction made me a believer of the blend, but I'm not sure about what the T-Alpha promised. Maybe T-Alpha just didn't work for me but it does for others. Would I recommend this stack? No, though I would recommend Mass Addiction since it did deliver something.

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